Thursday, May 9, 2024
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Welcome to 81 days after our date night with Kingdom and Drift.
Why mention this as the headline? Because it was the last headline, of course! And we're here for some not-so-back-to-back news action!

Oh, what's that, you want something actually new with your news? Well here it is, fresh off the press - DRAFT WEEK!
That's right, folks! Another exhilarating Draft Week has come and gone, of which begun the First of this month of May and was scheduled unto the Tenth.
But wait, one might exclaim - today is in fact May the 9th! It's not over! Yet alas, it is indeed, for it was very much quite over for all of our raid targets as of WEDNESDAY!
We eliminated all our objective targets in record time, of which even began the first three in the FIRST DAY! To quote from our Newsletter and <Venerate>'s Hobiewan:


"Saturday: Velk while we gather folks up, Plane of Sky to Rekey, and then Gore for the rest of the night.
Sunday: Gore (if not killed Saturday) and KT
Monday: Trips
Tuesday: Trips (whatever is left, if any - if none, then break)
Wednesday: Ikitiar/Gozz
Thursday: Velk
Friday: break

IN ADDITION: with all the faction kills this week, we're proposing that we take full advantage of it and dedicate the next few weeks killing flurries and getting kael armor!"

"we managed to clear our first three targets of Velk, Gore and King Tormax in our first day and cleaned house before the end of Wednesday, with having followed the slaying of Gozzrem, Ikatiar and the Triples. With such efficiency, we even managed to make progress in gaining necessary objectives for several guild members' epic items that much closer to completion. If you made it, you'd know what a grand time killing 6Necks and going into the Dragon Necropolis was as well. All in all, it was an extremely productive week...!"


Don't worry - we won't be leaving you in the dark. Much of the event's encounters were captured to enjoy here on this site!

In the beginning was Velkator, a humble sorcerer. His hobbies include staring at his door, admiring his collection of doodads, and having a big nose.

Some say his last words were "Bruh..." as he was toppled over in record time. He was defeated not once, but twice!

Following which, a victory rush was lead over to the Dreadlands! That's where Gore lives, right? I forget! But it was a pretty night as we gathered on the hill. It took a bit of effort, as the first push was somewhat fraught with learning pains, but the dreaded dragon was indeed made dead.

(Picture courtesy of Rrendall)
Oh which reminds me a lot of...

And so onward was it our stalwart heroes went to fell the giants! With a grand total of well over 70 Linerate, it was safe to say we absolutely came to clay and slay - yaas!

Though this also took a second try, and unexpected foes sought to ambush us near the end, we returned and demonstrated to witnessing warriors our ability. Huzzah! \o/


(Apologies for the mispelling, Kopiopi.)

What does Plane of Sky look like? It looks like DEATH!

And what does Temple of Veeshan look like? That's right! DEATH!


...though our intrepid friend did recover and let our target we proceeded to murder said dragons, much to the dragon's dismay. A pre-celebratory conga line had enjoyed before the pull to add more dismay to the dragons all the more darnedly so.


But wait... these events..! They're all out of order! Didn't we go pay Lord Bob a visit after the second time we killed Velk? Sure did! However, the fight was so intense that even yours truly, most diligent Ranger and reporter, had to rest his poor feet during and after the battle.

Worse however than the pain of snow and soggy shoes is THE WALL! THAT ACURSED WALL! And I am proud to announce that I SURVIVED THE WALL![/img][/url]

And below are some other hijinks, from entering the crypts of the Necropolis to the slaying of 6Neck Dragons, aiding of our allies expediently in their epics and much else!


And that about wraps things up from this past week! It was quite a lot to enjoy, and we hope to see you next time!
Wednesday, February 21, 2024
February Fun~
Another monthy smack talk about what Linerate has been up to.
Basically shit all, but still there was some fun moments!

We had a 6 neck killing spree:

Then Flateous was punted so hard that he died in the sky.

Did some Ring quests & Epic mobs:

Dungle really dressed his best for his Overking slaughter... that ended in disappointment because we just died a lot.
Pretty sure it was his attire that made it cursed.

The Best Duo in Norrath has been on an adventure going to many zones!

And I believe that is all that I have to report on this month about random things!

-----------------------------February Dump Pile FINISHED------------------------------

Going forward, if you have pictures from your adventures, raids, etc that you want to get posted about, just send them in DM's to Mordnacht.
Humour is most important so send as many funny moments of your time out in Norrath!

News Reporter Mordnacht,

Signing out until next time x0x0!
Sunday, February 18, 2024
Kingdom took Drift & Linerate out on a Date
Welcome to the day after our date night with Kingdom and Drift.
I can safely say the 30 of us throughout the event had a good time seeing targets we have never encountered before during Draft or Quake!

Hope everyone took a morning after pill and get some hangover soup! Self care everyone, self care!

On Valentine's day all the guilds got their names changed to be within theme for the event on Saturday!
Lineage became Loveage.

I tried to get Venerate to be changed to Prince Charming, but it didn't happen and I was sad. Either way it was amazing seeing every day "When are we changing our name back." and "Since when was our tag Loveage?" I continued to keep our name for the event because I liked the chaos it brought.

Just gonna put this here too because GLORIOUS.

-----------------------------ON TO SATURDAY EVENTS------------------------------

Our first stop was ToV - where we murdered Dozekar. We've all seen him before so I won't bore you with a death shot of that loser. Plus, I didn't take one. Whoopsies.
Mordnacht is hiring assistants btw.

Next we left and went off to Plane of Fear! Our most favourite spot to see if Shamans can collect child's tears.
I didn't get photos of fighting those guys either, everyone was dead and/or dying. HOWEVER: Congratulations to Twotonne (Colony) on his epic as he acquired enough children's tears to secure it!

I did get to pet Sniffles while I was dead though.

We got to see how Kingdom does their pull which was basically throw all the enchanters into a pile and tell them to mass stun all the mobs.

Pretty sure Mezzenim and Gnobono had a great time stunning things instead of giving the 50th clarity of the night.

CT wasnt supposed to come into that pile, but he did. NO WORRIES. WE DID IT.

Guaco got an amazing back piece from that drop! I believe golems dropped a BP for Draknoir and some other fun things. Idk, I was dead and had 50 tells on my screen!

After CT was done, we left, but came back for round two.

Another dead CT - get shit on kid.

-----------------------------Plane of Losers DONE------------------------------

Next we went off to Plane of Growth. Now, I didn't want to even murder anything in Plane of Growth, but the amount of clerics you need to kill her put me in the middle. Plus Grendol was the tank and he made me tacos when I said I was starving. I couldn't let my date down!
Mord went from Amiable to Dubious... Thank god I can still run around that place freely because it would have been one hell of a recovery.

Saw a herd of bears

100's of people after they killed Takish. Of course I didn't participate, needed me faction. PLUS I was off looking for Rampagious' body in this shit zone.

Sized up my Goddess with the rest of them.

Here's Mord doing her clerical duties... surrounded by what looks like a ritualistic mage mod-rod dropping.

Btw, I didn't use 1 mod rod because they weren't Dhaali's.

And then everyone fucked off to Plane of Fear again to murder another CT and everyone left to slaughtered.

See those little fauns?

They were plotting more murders btw later when I started to rez people. They came fucking fast out of no where too to murder them across the zone.

-----------------------------Murdering my Goddess DONE------------------------------

We spent the remaining time of the day in NToV. Now here is where Mord just shows her true potential guys. Honestly, best Cleric in Norrath, Kincakes can step aside.
But for his voice he can talk to us all day long.
Gnobono had a good words to describe how his voice sounds:

Anyway, moving on from that Siren guy.
We smashed some dragons, obviously. What else is even in ToV but dragons?

Before I just smash down pictures: BEHOLD MORDNACHT IN HER FULL GODDESS MODE!!
I stared down Cekenar and then DA'd in!

ALL ME BABY! Of course this fucker didn't drop my weapon OR ANYTHING ELSE GOOD? Shit ass claw. Shit ass dragon. I'll come back for you later you bitch!

Anyway moving on. We murdered:

Lady Nev, others... I didn't get pictures of, but you get the gist of it. We murdered so many dragons that I don't want to see another dragon unless I become a dragon rider.

Lastly, I went to take a picture of me with the hatchlings and this idiot named Eashen told me no.

I changed my mind, I think we should kill Eashen the next time we get the chance. F that guy. I need my hatchling glory photo.

-----------------------------Dragon Breeding Grounds DONE------------------------------

FINALLY to end the damn night. We rolled on which guild was gonna get to hand in for Ring 10.
Of course Linerate and Drift lost, BUT... we got some good shit. Choker and Helm! Grats Pysk and Hattrick on those big wins.

The best for last though was ME, YOURS TRULY, tanking Narandi!

Of course no action pictures because I was AONing as a GCD so it was dark AF and spamming flash of light!
I got that bitches dead shot though!


Also, Mord found her soul mate in Grendol.

Skele lovers forever.

-----------------------------Narandi Slaying DONE------------------------------

Thank you to EVERYONE who came out during the event, whether it be for 1 minutes or 13 hours. You guys made it possible to get guarenteed loot throughout some of the event and that is amazing in and of itself. I had a lot of fun and I hope you guys also have fun!

A VERY TIRED News Reporter Mordnacht,

Signing out until next time x0x0!
Friday, February 9, 2024
Bunch of January Fun
Are we back with a news report?! The best news reporter for Linerate is back baby and I got some juicy juicy goodies this time around!

Linerate made their way to Kael Arena for lots of fun - Kickkick came on and pulled lots of mobs for us and we just dominated the Giant Arena. Take that you dumb big men!

We ended up getting a Sceptre of Mastery for Miethos' monk! How cool... hope he get's 60 soon!

-----------------------------Kael Arena DONE------------------------------

Next Mord, Diosa, and Gnobono made their way back to Plane of Mischief for some goodies that never really dropped... but still lots of fun!

Gnobono made a tiny friend

Who went on to murder his big brothers with Kickkick's tiny friend

Then Mord saw Bristlebane... saying the puppet show was trash. How rude.

What's even more amazing is that Kickkick, who was FIRE POTS BOUND.... Bound inside POM!

Welcome to farming big boi! You're a real Enchanter now!

As usual, POM nights end with mass slaughter.

At the end of it all though... Mord and Gno decided to just BUY THE ITEMS and finally Gno got his much needed Robe!

Grats Gno!

-----------------------------PoM Adventures DONE------------------------------

Next it was time to take it to Plane of Sky where Mord lost her mind several weeks in a row.
This time was different!



-----------------------------PoS Hell DONE------------------------------

Finally... last thing on Mord's bucket list was to walk beside Yendar to later kill him for Eriador's baby rogue Answers.

What a successful few events we've had! Let's keep it going.

News Reporter Mordnacht,

Signing out until next time x0x0!
Friday, January 19, 2024
Wow, when Mord is away... the epic pieces come out to play. Xekyen had to be a photographer to grab me some cool photos of the two best drops!
And since he also knows that Linerate dying is the best photo, enjoy this wipefest.

However, at least you guys all recovered and smashed down the rock things!

We managed to get four different epic pieces out of these last round of golems!
Shadowknight, Necro, Shaman, and Warrior! How freaking amazing.



I know I could be typical Mord News Reporter and bully, but you both deserve it.
Can't wait to see those epic's in your hands guys!

Honestly.... the best ending to our draft week I could have ever asked for.

-----------------------------END OF DRAFT WEEK------------------------------

See yah'll next time ya plebs!

Mordnacht "News Reporter" OUT!
Wednesday, January 17, 2024
Rest of Draft Fun
Welcome back to another Mord's News Reporting Channel. Today we have the rest of our Draft targets being murdered in cold blood while they aren't even doing anything but taking a swim and stroll!

Hattrick and I decided we were better off swimming across the sea, hopefully picking up Faydedar on our way, but that did not happen what so ever. We just swam for a while, with a lovely Castle Ranger following to see what Faydedar even looks like.

Once we got there, we had our Bards fishing hard, pulling it to where we were all waiting to murder the poor fish. And murder we did.... Enmasse.... A lot of us....

Obviously, I promised to give Fay a big kiss for Luetin since he, unfortunately, could not attend his funeral.

Day 3 was pretty chill. Just murdered Fay and went about the rest of our afternoons. Completed Wepawet's epic, made some jewelry, drank some hot coco by the candlelight.

-----------------------------END OF DRAFT DAY 3------------------------------

Start of Day 4 was off to a great start. I hopped on Diress to farm some idols for fun.... but forgot I was a dirty human and blind. I finally summoned a Coldstone necklace, only to see I was walking into a wall the entire time.

Finally I made it to the Plane of Fear, but logged off to then go pick up Seabazz. The entire time they killed a golem... no picture of the first golem. He had poop and no children were dropped nor had tears!

Seabazz and I finally made it back. We murdered Dread and this rock thing was JUICY.

NOW MORD IS HAPPY SKELETON!!! Then we murdered the last Golem. He also had poopies and no tears.

Mord and Cicerro spent the next 30 minutes at our final target of the draft: Severilious.
We gave everyone a hit of our necklaces to take on the final boss as the Undead Linerate. First we had to kill Jarish for coming to see Sev though.

No green scale - sorry Warriors. What straight poopers! BUT: We completed our draft week BEFORE Wednesday! Only 2 days to kill trips, 1 day to kill Dain. We are stronger than we were 3 months ago. We only continue to grow and build.

-----------------------------END OF DRAFT DAY 4------------------------------

After Draft targets were through, we ran to Doubles, parked a mage, and killed 1 flurry!
The mage had to be parked up in this little boxy thing. All the shorties had trouble jumping. Including me just because I was overweight a little bit...

Pretend this was the Flurry because it looked like this... kinda. Just imagine it.

Doln won a very good BIS Chest piece off one of these dragon things.

Now here after draft we were on a POWER TRIP. We were freaking super stars ready to take on EVERYTHING. So Harla Dar was in our sights.
She went down hella fast, couldn't even get there to sieve... I just came and saw her dead body!

Finally ended the night in DN killing Vilefang.

Thus concludes our amazing draft week. Only 2nd pops of Velketor and Fear Golems left. We are set up for big things now. 2 new cleric bots, guild farm runs to fund 30 melee binds. We're gearing up Linerate. We're gearing to be something to contest BIG DWAGONS!
And Mord get's to run around like a Skeleton forever. Happy Mord!

See you next Draft! We'll be bigger, better and stronger by then I bet.

News Reporter Mordnacht,

Signing out until next time x0x0!
Monday, January 15, 2024
Jan Draft IN THE BAG
It's that time of the time again where Mord makes news about fun things! Buckle your seatbelts because we got a lot.

This draft around we had Xekyen roll again because he proved himself a capable roller... Well he did get us some fun mobs this time too (although his last roll was terrible and I thought about revoking his rolling status for next draft...)
We bagged:

Obviously our first stop was Triples in Temple of Veeshan, where we all get our awesome armor from. Here we spent our first couple hours standing in a corner and dying. Nothing new or exciting, same old Lineage!

We stand in corner

We die in corner

Stand in corner

Mobs come to murder

Die in corner

Then after a while we run to another corner!

AND THEN?!?! A MIRACLE! 1 big boi dragon got murdered!

Then we proceed to spend another.... 4ish hours watching the other two dragons hold hands the rest of the night... with a few attempts.

We go to bed. Fresh eyes for Sunday! We'll murder them tomorrow guys! I know we will.
------------------------------END OF DRAFT DAY 1------------------------------

Welcome to DRAFT DAY 2!
Before Mordnacht went to ToV for more Dragon Hand Holding.... Lvl. 14 Mord slaughters some Sand Giants, providing her prowess as a leader! (No help at all)

Which obviously provided a lot of luck because:

TWO DRAGONS DOWN! That's right, all that learning and slow decline into madness paid off!

Then we went into Mord & Dhaali's House of Pain (Velks) and murdered Velketor the Sorcerer himself! Stole his boots and called it a day.
His body was in the wall and I forgot to get a picture, sorry. Believe me he dead though.

Lastly, we hit up Thurgadin and went for big boi DAIN!

Jumped down his Sparta kick well

Dhaali had to protect his rods, but still caught Feldrix red handed sitting on them in Skeleton form

Dain murdered us a few times, but he really hated Ryback...

We were stomping on this dwarf

Then Mord crashed, the clerics ran OOM, they were doing it until he WARPED at 0%?!
Mord came back to a graveyard... mass rezzes inc!

Finally we decided 1 more shot because we ALMOST HAD HIM!

------------------------------END OF DRAFT DAY 2------------------------------

Rest of the mobs don't matter. They boring. Boo.
They'll be murdered though!

News Reporter Mordnacht,

Signing out until next time x0x0!
Monday, January 1, 2024
Linerate Adventures in Plane of Mischief

New year new us (hopefully) - OUT WITH THE NOS and IN WITH THE YESES!!!

While Halls of Testing funsie event was cancelled, those who stayed around and wanted to go to Plane of Mischief took up the challenge and away we went.
1 hour corpse recovery, 2 hours of exploration & deletion of mobs and 1 hour of beating on puppets!

We ended the year strong exploring and started the year with a good mood! Thanks to all who came, sat in ToV waiting around for Drift to leave - many thanks to the group who decided to give PoM a try (:

Ryback hailed Life - results: Death

Slaughtered a bear, Gnobono didn't like it

Bunch of Gang members who wanted to kill us

Mord reading the newest Druid Romance Novel: Billionaire Druid Seduced By a Gnome to her people

Beat down on Bristlebane, group effort - Spent a long time scared he was hard, but he died quick

The Glorious few who ventured into PoM!

This has been a great 2023 and a good start to 2024!
More fun, less poop socks!

News Reporter Mordnacht,

Signing out until next time x0x0!
Sunday, December 31, 2023
People Sitting on Rods Again
We had a great Quake this fine day of December 30th!

We MURDERED: KD > Kozz > Faydedar > Vox > Naggy

Many people got caught sitting on Dhaali's Mod Rods during Vox & then we had a great fight against the bear pit bears!



Bear's didn't like us killing Vox.

Also, make sure when you ask for POTG from Randomguy you have a full group and give the password Mooncakes. Otherwise you get this!

We missed some opportunities because Mord was slow coming to Karnor's Castle - got mobbed by Sarnaks on the way.
Vindi and KDT were dead - boohoo!

And finally we closed out the night with a double drop six neck from the famous dragon herself: Ayillish!

Grats everyone!

News Reporter Mordnacht,

Signing out until next time x0x0!
Friday, December 29, 2023
We've spend this entire week going to Halls of Testing almost every night!

Many people been getting some gear and are ready to take on big targets like Dain in the next draft. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.


Grats to all our awesome members (these are just SOME of the pick 3 days).
There was 2 other days for DKP and another late night Pick 3!

We still have 2 (maybe) more PICK 3 events coming to ring in the New Year together which you can check out on discord.

News Reporter Mordnacht,

Signing out until next time x0x0!
Friday, November 17, 2023
Draft Week
Hello everyone!

This week was an amazing week. We got through Draft week with high flying colors, and learned a lot! Be proud of yourself guys, and remember that next draft, we'll be even better, and hopefully bigger!

For now, just focus on leveling your characters, updating your character info and level on the website, and recruiting! Remember, ANYONE can recruit. Just use timesharez to invite, he's our botted officer!

Keep leveling and recruiting, see you guys next draft week! Also, here is everything that was won during draft week this week. Congratulations to all the bidders, and everyone who participated I thank you. It's not possible without all of you!

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