Online Application
Please answer every question. Your Application will then be submitted for review by the leadership of the guild
Important Information for Applicants
First of all, this application is going to be simple and basic. We don't want you to think that this is a do or die moment. More then likely you'll make it in, but first... we'd like to get to know you, and your experience with the game.

Lets begin; and remember, take as long as you need! Just not too long that you miss all the loot that could be coming your way! Be calm, and most of all... be yourself! That's who we want!

Good Luck!

Your Character's Name:
Email Address:
Questions 1.)

Tell us about yourself, give us as detailed, or as short of an answer as you want!
Question 2.)

What makes you want to join Lineage? What are your goals, and what are you looking for? We are a casual raiding style of guild, so what makes you want to join Lineage out of any other guild?
Question 3.)

If you were to be asked to play a cleric bot, or any other guild-related bot during raid time, or an off-event that we decided to do. Would you be comfortable doing it?
Question 4.)

What style of member are you going to be for Lineage if you had to choose? (This option won't hurt you at all, we are all casual gamers, but some like to take it up a notch and become raiders)

Raider of everything in Everquest OR Casual gamer who chats with everyone?
Question 5.)

What experience do you have with this game (raiding, or not)? We'd like to know!
Question 6.)

Would you be willing to play a Cleric, Warrior, or Rogue provided by the guild if needed at raids, or be willing to level a new alt of that class if needed?
Silly Question 7.)

What is your favorite Dragon Ball (Z, Super) character and why?
Question 8.)

If you have leadership experience or were a raid leader, can you tell us from where and how you conducted yourself? Sell yourself on this one, because Lineage is ALWAYS looking for leaders and people who can be trusted and are respectful, not assholes, everyone has one... don't need another!
Question 9.)

This question will be for if you're looking to be a raider...
Please fill out as best you can on the items we are looking for to be raid-ready. Also, if you don't have some of the items, would you be able to acquire them?

Here is the list and stages Lineage is looking for to be a raider!

Stage 1:
- Journeyman's Boots
- Pegasus Feather Cloak OR
- 2 x 10 Dose Levi Potions - CRAFT
- 3 x Ring of Shadows
- Leatherfoot Raider Skullcap
- 2 x 10 Dose Ant's Potion

Stage 2:
- Reaper of the Dead
- Shiny Brass Idol
- 2 x 10 Dose Potion of Stinging Wort
- Forlorn Totem of Roflron Zek

Stage 3:
- Reach Level 60
- Vial of Velium Vapors (Thurg port)
- 120 Unbuffed Magic Resist

Please fill it out to the best of your ability!
Question 10.)

Now when joining Lineage, you automatically become a member and have the OPTION to have full rights to access our extensive bot program. Would you be willing to help us out by leveling/moving them when the time comes?
Question 11.)

When was the last time you got into an argument with a guildmate or anyone outside of the game, and how did you handle it?
Question 12.)

If an officer or someone with authority needed you to lie to someone about a certain item, or something happening in the game, what would you do and why?
Question 13.)

What type of guildie would you be to everyone else in the guild? Are you the friendly type who helps out everyone, or are you the "if you do something for me, I'll do something for you?"
Silly Question 14.)

What character would you pick to be your favorite TMNT?

(If you don't know what TMNT is, please research!)
Question 15.)

Lineage is a toxic-free discord and guild so EVERYONE feels comfortable chatting and having a good time BUT, in the event you get yelled at within the raid; or event, what are you going to do and why?

Question 16.)

Do you have Discord?

What is your discord name, and have you switched it to your main character yet? Please go to channel #declare-a-main to declare your main character if you haven't done so yet.
Question 17.)

If you have joined our discord, would you have a problem with joining us for Raids? At Lineage, we are making a requirement that people who raid with us, must be in coms. Is this something you can do (you can be mute and just listen, you don't have to speak)? Please let us know why you say no, and we'll try to accommodate.
Silly Question 18.)

As previously stated about not being toxic, would you be okay with bullying Mordnacht - who is an officer? She bullies everyone else, but it's all fun and games... but if Xekyen told you to bully Mordnacht, would do so? If so, how would you go about doing it?

Question 19.)

In the event that you catch someone within Lineage boxing or doing non-PNP (Play Nice Policy) things (in zone camps, or being bullies to others). Would you intervene and take care of the situation, or grab an officer to hopefully take care of the situation?
Question 20.)

Are there any questions you have for us, if you do have ANY questions. Please feel free to contact Mordnacht or Xekyen, and we'll answer your questions to the best of our abilities. Thank you! :)
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